Richard Beauvais


After turning 18 and graduating high school, Richard Beauvais received a draft notice for the Vietnam War. Richard served in the United States Army for three years, deploying to the mainland of Vietnam for two years. He followed in the footsteps of his entire family, including his father, who served in World War II and later worked at Naval Air Station Grosse Ile as a B-24 pilot. Fighting in Vietnam was highly traumatic for Richard; today, Richard is disabled due to Agent Orange exposure. After Richard left the Army, he worked for Ford as a machine repairman for four decades.

Soon after returning home from Vietnam, Richard was helping his friend on a job and met his wife, Betty. He shared that after meeting her, "The rest is history." The pair have been married for 42 years and still live in their first home on Grosse Ile! The house has several telltale signs of being under-insulated, including different rooms and floors at different temperatures, the HVAC system running constantly, and high energy bills. Richard shared that his energy bills are $250–$300 monthly, regardless of the season.

The most touching aspect of Richard's story is his absolute love for his wife. Now retired, Richard devotes every day to being Betty's anchor, who also has significant health challenges. He regularly drives her around the state to treatments and works tirelessly to keep the house comfortable, especially during the most recent heat wave. Somberly acknowledging his own health due to the Agent Orange exposure 40 years ago, Richard said he "is hoping to leave a beautiful and well-maintained home for Betty."

Poignantly, when asked about his definition of a "hero," Richard responded with two words: "My father."

Richard and Betty Beauvais at their Grosse Ile home


Active-duty military, reserve military, veterans of the US Armed Forces, and first responders are eligible nominees for the program, provided they reside within the service areas of USA Insulation in our participating locations.

Nominees must explain how whole-home insulation would make a difference in their homes. Hometown Heroes is a great opportunity to show our appreciation for those who serve our communities, and we are excited to bring this program to more cities across the country.