Rebecca Crawford


Rebecca Crawford has lived in her home for 13 years. She has air conditioning in her home in the hot summer months and a gas furnace in the cold winter months. She shared that her bills run high throughout the year.

Rebecca served in the Army from 1977 – 1981, joining when she was just 18 years old. Rebecca's family has a long service history to our country and local community. Her father served in the Marines during the Vietnam War. Her sister served in the Navy, and she has two brothers who also served in the military. One brother is currently a police officer in Connecticut.

In the Army, Rebecca served as a cook in Virginia, Maryland, and Germany. When she returned home, she used the GI Bill to become a nurse, where she continued to help people in her local community. Rebecca served as a psych nurse at the NH State Hospital and later as a nurse at the NH State Prison for Women. Due to a fall, she is now disabled but continues to help others.

Five years ago, Rebecca's daughter Tamika suffered burns on over 95% of her body. Rebecca cared for her through her recovery and continues to support her as she helps raise her grandsons, Demetrius and Patrick.

When learning that they were the winners of the USA Insulation Giveaway, they were brought to tears with so much gratitude, as re-insulation was something they would not be able to do otherwise. Their home has no insulation, which will make a difference for them in the days ahead.

rebecca crawford and her family with the usa insulation of southern new hampshire team



Active-duty military, reserve military, veterans of the US Armed Forces, and first responders are eligible nominees for the program, provided they reside within the service areas of USA Insulation in our participating locations.

Nominees must explain how whole-home insulation would make a difference in their homes. Hometown Heroes is a great opportunity to show our appreciation for those who serve our communities, and we are excited to bring this program to more cities across the country.