Mike Brown


Mike Brown has lived in Epping, New Hampshire since November 2012 with his wife, Erin, and two sons, Rudy and Colton. His home, built in 2000, faces significant insulation challenges, especially with condensation and mold in its attic.

Mike is a proud United States Navy veteran. His father, a former United States Marine and police officer, inspired Mike to enlist because he thought he would make a great Navy Seal. Mike entered the Buddy Program after high school and enlisted eight days after the September 11 attacks. He served for four-and-a-half years. During his service, Mike tracked 50–100 ships daily while stationed on the USS Princeton. While deployed, Mike faced numerous challenges, including a heroic moment where he entered an engine room engulfed in smoke to rescue two badly burned individuals without a respirator.

After his initial deployment, Mike began BUD/S training for the Navy SEALS and entered "Hell Week." Unfortunately, due to severe physical strain and hypothermia, he was medically dropped from training. Over the years, his resulting asthma has worsened, requiring him to use three inhalers and take a monthly shot to manage his condition. While in the Navy, Mike was also stationed in San Diego and performed duties as an Operations Specialist, monitoring surface radar and tracking ships.

After leaving the Navy, Mike earned a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling and worked in the field for six years, assisting individuals with disabilities. He later pursued a law degree, passed the bar, and is now a practicing attorney focusing on veterans' disability claims and other matters related to the VA.

Mike defines a hero as someone who rises to the occasion to assist those in need. He doesn't see himself as a hero but remains dedicated to helping veterans and doing his part for the community. Winning the whole home insulation project benefits Mike and his family, especially considering his severe asthma. Mike's wife describes him as always looking out for others, constantly helping and working to spend quality time with their children. He frequently surprises her with meaningful gifts and always goes the extra mile to help those around him.

Mike's humility and dedication to service truly make Mike our Hometown Hero!

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Active-duty military, reserve military, veterans of the US Armed Forces, and first responders are eligible nominees for the program, provided they reside within the service areas of USA Insulation in our participating locations.

Nominees must explain how whole-home insulation would make a difference in their homes. Hometown Heroes is a great opportunity to show our appreciation for those who serve our communities, and we are excited to bring this program to more cities across the country.